Pablo – the new addition to our family

It is not yet week two and in true Kaplan form, a kitten found me (Peta) in the street. During past trips, I have rescued two kittens near our house – one got adopted by our neighbors who were grateful to have a working animal to capture mice that were an issue, the other got adopted by Kit, an expat who is quite simply put, a saint for animals.

Current kitten arrived with its ribs sticking out, but not sick, just starving and visibly pissed off with life, made himself at home in no time after a few good meals. Bold and curious he has eaten from the dogs’ food and of course Mango is entranced by him. First statements of “we’ll find him a home” soon changed to “don’t you think Pablo is a good name for him?”. Kit arrived dutifully to check him out and give him parasite medicine and declared him healthy and adorable. She also said she had a home ready for him. Too late though: he had already won our collective hearts over. Pablo appears to be staying. One key factor in his favor is his coloring which is just like Mangos and I have a particular affinity for ginger cats.

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