foreign friends

Meet Jonathan and Tamara – here from Seattle, Washington for a year, with their two high school aged sons. Peta met Jonathan one day due to her curiosity. A newly renovated blue and white house with an alluring pool beyond made her put her head in for a peek…. that led to Jonathan becoming Ben’s business partner in CO2BAMBU. Their boys will be starting school this Monday (a month earlier than in the US) at the American school in Managua. A two hour commute every day and the hope that the boys will somewhat master Spanish and have an unusual life experience. Their house has a magnificent terrace with a view over the roof tops which Tamara uses as her office (grant writer). Oh, yes and Ben loves their cappucino machine from the US.

Meet Nieves and Anders – moved here from Copenhagen, Anders is Danish and Nieves is Chilean. Peta met Nieves one day in January at yoga across the road. Peta “do you come to this yoga class often?” Nieves”This is my first day in Nicaragua and I dont know one person.” Peta”Welcome! now you know ME.” They have two small kids, 8 and 3 who are fully integrated into the neighborhood and school system in Granada. Picture two blond ringleted kids with ivory skin walking down the street in uniform amongst their coffee colored peers. As it turns out, Anders is in an ecological business as well – using recycled wood which fell during hurricane Mitch to make Danish furniture. Ben and Anders have much in common on the business front, along with a European compatability. Nieves is scoping out territory for a book/coffee shop that will double as a cultural events spot.

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