Minor annoyances.. Life in Nicaragua.

Minor annoyances, such as bats and potential intruders…

Bats have been easily dealt with by painting one of our standing lamps in the sala a nice red, which is said to scare them off. On a recent evening I forgot to turn it on and while sitting in the sala, heard a huge whack as a bat flew in and got hit by the ceiling fan. This sent his sonar detection device literally into a spin and I do admit to hiding under the table until he finally landed on the floor only to be pounced on by Pablo, the gatito. Horrors… He got free after we chased the cat off and who knows where he went as Ben never did find him! (I am not particularly eager to go searching for said bat.)
Same night, while sitting in the sala, I heard noises on the roof and it was pretty obvious that someone had climbed up from the street, using the tree and a wall from the neighbors to access the roof. Now, we do have the new gate which is locked at the bottom of the stairs, but who wants to wait till they get there?
So…..I opened the door and yelled, “BASTA” and within seconds two men jumped and ran off down the nearby street which is known as the bad, drug street. Ok, so I finally caved and we are in the process of installing some lethal looking barbed wire rolls on the top of the roof. Charming! Not a visual that I particularly like, but then again, maybe the time has come.

5 thoughts on “Minor annoyances.. Life in Nicaragua.

  1. Ageless North Shore

    Peta! I just saw your sister at Sharon & Aaron’s and found out about your new home, business and blog – it’s fascinating! Don and I are doing a blog/website for people on the North Shore – take a look: http://ageless-northshore.com. Would you have time to do an “email” interview about what you’re doing and what your life is like now for our blog?
    You’re still painting, right?
    Peggy Shearn

    1. GreenGlobalTrek Post author

      Thanks Peggy, we would love to do an email interview with you for your website.
      I will be in touch!

    1. GreenGlobalTrek Post author

      Oh yes we certainly do. We would love you to visit us. No worries we will make sure that the bats keep their respective distance from you when you come!

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