Mango’s “Brazilian”

It all started rather innocently, with Peta wanting to give Mango a “trim”. As you can see from the picture below, the process is much like shearing a sheep. Problem is that we don’t have shears and there are no adequate “tools” to be found in Granada. So we revert to a painstaking clump of hair by clump of hair removal. Mango is very patient and lets Peta work her way through his coat. The poor doggy has been showing signs of extreme heat.

But after 2 hours, it seemed like a good idea to hand Mango over to the Nicaraguan guy in charge of animal “prep” at the animal clinic. Peta asked him to give him a “shave” on his stomach.
Well, let’s just say there was a translation problem. We return to pick up Mango and he has indeed been “shaved” — as in Brazilian style on his entire belly and a good third of his sides. Look at picture above for big splash of white or pink. Soooo… Mango looks distraught (he clearly knows something’s afoul here). He was shaved as in “shaved for surgery”, not “shaved to relieve some of the heat”. For 4 days, we had to apply sun screen lotion on his pink belly, concerned he might get a “sun burn”.
In such dire circumstances, one needs a friend. Good thing Pablo is always available for a cuddle.

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