The magic of Ometepe Island

Back in 2006, on our first trip to Nicaragua, with Adam, we visited and were entranced by Ometepe. And so it seemed fitting to take advantage of Adam’s visit to return. Ometepe means “two mountains” in Nahuatl, the disappearing language of the ancient native tribes that inhabited the islands.

The two mountains are two volcanoes, one extinct, the other not. As recently as 3 weeks ago, Volcano Concepcion blew ashes. Its prior eruption was in 1999. Volcano Maderas last erupted 800 years ago and is believed to be extinct. The two cones are nature reserves, covered in forested, and connected by a 5 km wide lava flow isthmus.

A pictorial tribute to Ometepe (photos by Adam) :

2 thoughts on “The magic of Ometepe Island

  1. rob zombie

    not bad, this place comes alive during the rainy season and becomes one of the most beautiful spots in the world, would love to live there one day