Two dogs go home to New York…

Some of my Stray Dog paintings are on show across the road at PURE, our local spa and yoga center. The spa has large walls and lots of space and the work shows well and has received a fair amount of attention by both locals as well as tourists who all seem to make their way to the gym.

This week, two New Yorker families, visiting Nicaragua, purchased two of my paintings to take back home with them. I received an email from one of them, asking for adoption rights:”Loving family home available for Nicaraguan Stray. Gentle children who are constantly begging for a dog. Will be pampered and well cared for. Full run of the house. May sleep above bed.” They are talking about my painting of Chele – a white stray who owned Parque Central and was well known by many people for his personality and strength of character. Chele (which means light skinned, same as gringo) one day got into some trouble when he tried to bite the heels of a motorcyclist who threatened to come back the next day to kill him and his companion. Luckily for Chele, he was saved by our friend Warren, who secretly evacuated him in the dark of the night to a secret location, not to be disclosed here, and described by Warren as the “witness protection program”. Happy to say that Chele is living a good and safe life in his new home.
The second painting went to a Nicaraguan woman who lives in New York. Significantly, it is her first purchase of an original work of art. This black charcoal on a red background was one of the first in this series and will be going home to live on an orange wall.

As an added bonus, I also had a request for a commisioned work of a stray dog living in Arizona.
Good start to 2010!

For those interested in seeing the full Stray Dog series, go to

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