When yoga meets Jewish theology – a weekend of spiritual activities

Our mezuzah….. and our home received formal personalized blessings from Rabbi Gabriel Cousens this weekend. Not that there is not good karma in this house, quite the opposite. However, since my life long childhood friend Monica, who lives in Jerusalem had specifically selected and brought me a mezuzah and since I had a rabbi on hand, putting the mezuzah up seemed timely.

Over a dozen guests, Jewish and non Jewish, came over for a highly untraditional Chanukah and Shabbat celebration and potluck vegan live food dinner. The food alone, made it untraditional — after all, there were no fried potato latkes, no brisket or tsimmes. Rather than be food-centric — which most Jewish get togethers inherently are — this celebration was more ceremony centric. In fact it was something of a potluck of spiritual insights from various religions and cultures. There was the incorporation of American Indian drumming, Jewish ritualistic hand-washing, and animated discussion of the relationship between Jewish Kabbalic mysticism and yogic/Indian as well as Tibetan Buddhism.

Kundalini awakening can take various forms… The result of doing Shaktipat meditation is apparently the awakening of one’s energy force, ie Kundalini. This seems like a theoretical tidbit, until it hits me (Peta) full force. This is my fourth meditation guided by Gabriel and I begin to experience a gradual building of intense internal heat. No escape from the heat, not even with a dip in the pool. Gabriel reassures me that this is normal and in fact explains that he had to open a Kundalini crisis clinic in San Francisco some years back. Not sure I am enjoying this awakening as I start to burn up like a furnace! No one else seems to be experiencing this intense heat and no, it’s not a hot flash, as it is lasts continuously through out the night. Ah, says Gabriel, “when you get close to the light, you can get burnt”.

Early morning, all morning yoga workshop with Shanti, at PURE, was very well attended. The yoga “el ashram” room that was just recently expanded was full to capacity. The style of Kali Ray yoga was new for most, as were the partner stretches.

Saturday ended with yet another interesting “Health and Growth Dialogue”, with Dr Hoover, a semi-retired, very knowledgeable naturopath, who addressed his audience on the topic of nutrition and the immune system.

The recently launched dialogue series is off to a good start and Peta is already plotting her approach to rope in other experts in other fields. Next up: the importance of dreams. You heard it here first folks – let’s see what expert Peta can muster up for the Granada community.

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  1. arvind

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