Bamboo yoga / meditation platform in Nicaragua

We started building Nicaragua’s first bamboo platform for yoga and meditation in the forest, in Ostional. The yoga platform will be 15ft x 15 ft. Perhaps one day CO2 Bambu will launch its own yoga / meditation deck product line. Most yogis are environmentally aware. It follows that they would welcome a sustainable, green alternative to wood.

We leave Granada on the early side, with Raphael our contractor for the job, following us in his pick up with five workers. His truck is loaded with supplies for four days when the crew will be camping on our property until the deck is installed. The roads from San Jan Del Sur have been greatly improved – efforts to smooth out the former rough river bed of a road have made quite a difference.

Yet, on the steepest incline, Raphael’s
truck can’t make the climb. We all get out to assess the situation. Since there are an additional five people whom we have picked up along the way, there are five more opinions about how best to get up the hill. A rope gets tied from our car to theirs, two guys go in the back to help push the truck up and off we go. It takes three attempts due to the cord breaking. Eventually we make it up the hill. No stress, just a typical Nicaraguan road travel adventure.

Once at the property, the thick bamboo laminate 24″x48″ tiles are unloaded.

We select the spot for installation – it will be about halfway down the ravine towards the ocean, nestled in the forest and a short walk to the waves. Our part of the job is over — when we come back to Ostional, we will be able to use our yoga deck.

We head off to the sandy beach that hugs Ostional’s fishing village, a few minutes away. Now we understand why its known as a fishing village.

We walk onto the beach and the first thing we see are masses of huge pelicans right near the shore, dive bombing the waves. The mass of pelicans is a signal to the community that the fish are plentiful and nearby.

Over fifty men are running along the edge of the sea, throwing their nylon strings cowboy style like lassos into the waves in the hope of catching a fish. And many do! Huge fish which we see inside the waves as they are ready to break, as do the men, who run enthusiastically towards the fish. What is peculiar about this practice is that Ostionals fishing community has developed a style of fishing that is more like hunting, compared with a traditional passive fishing approach.

We see that these maritime cowboys target specific fish and throw their water lassoes at their targets. Quite a sight.

As we dive into the waves, with the sun hot on our backs we think about the emails we have been receiving from Chicago, describing 10 degree F temperatures. Man, life is good. The water is temperate, the sun is hot and the sand is warm.

It’s a good day for animal visuals, as we come face to face with several herds of large horned cattle. We also see two trees that are full of mono cara negra – black faced monkeys swinging in the trees above us – three of them very small babies, just managing to hang by their own tails.

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