First furry friend of 2010

Well, it took 3 days into the year of 2010- THREE days! before yet another furry creature found its way to Peta’s door (and heart). No detailed commentary, you know the drill. Small abandoned kitten, more or less hungry, very frightened, separated prematurely from mommy cat. Looks like this one is staying, so welcome to Frida! Peta just can’t resist this unique face. So now we have Pablo (Picasso) and Frida (Kahlo). If we get a kitten with a missing ear, it will have to be Vincent…

All this is assuming that Pablo accepts Frida as part of the household. We’ll see…
Newsflash update: as the pictures were loading, three more kittens were brought by neighborhood kids, found in a bag on top of the garbage dump. It’s not that the kids particularly care about these kittens, it’s just not the culture… but they know that Peta does and so every found cat is an opportunity to knock on the door…

Here are today’s crop.
So, the Granada P-E-T-A (as in PETA’s not by coincidence namesake – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) got into full swing to find adoptive homes for the kittens in a few weeks. And tomorrow, is the start of another week of Casa Lupita Clinic with 10 volunteers, including 2 vets coming to Granada to treat and neuter animals, from Colorado.

One thought on “First furry friend of 2010

  1. ashkelon

    Careful or you will end up with S E V E N rescued kitties, like me…. And that’s not counting the 18 or so wild cats that arrive to be fed every evening.
    Those ginger kittens are very cute. They say ginger cats are always male (and tricolor cats always female) but the wild ginger cat outside gave birth twice before we had him (her) spayed.

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