Catching up with “the boys”

It was an additional surprise that the Investors’ Circle conference turned out to be in San Francisco, our favorite U.S. city and home to two of our “four boys”. This facilitated a long-overdue visit.

First stop, Austin, an “island in Texas”. Adam, a Freshman at Texas University is now well established in his new home town, which is an eclectic, laid back, liberal, music-centered kind of place.

Being with Adam, first and last stop: sushi!

But Adam has a keen sense of culinary adventure, so the Austin food trucks were a local point of interest!

Peta went solo to Austin and we met up in San Francisco, at our Home Exchange (with people who stayed last year at our place in Nicaragua). Second time staying in this apartment in Bernal Heights, so the neighborhood is starting to feel like home away from home.

Onward to stop two: Oren, based in Santa Cruz, came “up” to San Francisco to meet us, with two of his friends, for the day, before the IC conference.

After Vietnamese food, we went to see the Mission murals…

Next stop: meeting up with Josh and Krista… They are happily settled in Twin Peaks, amazing view and they have already done such a nice job at transforming the grassy backyard into an urban vegetable garden.

Josh’s music event business, EC, is establishing a national footprint, i.e. expanding beyond their initial Boulder / Denver, Colorado presence. They have a strong following for after-concert events which incorporate electronic musicians and visual artists. If they can stay the course, financially, they are building a strong and loyal customer base at a national level, that should yield financial results to keep the EC brand going. Krista is starting her PhD in psychology in the fall. ( Lots more sushi, lots more good food with Josh….)
After the Investors’ Circle conference, we have two days to play before I (Ben) return to Nicaragua to launch industrial ramp up, while Peta stays in SF at an Ashram for some intense yoga and meditation.

Castro neighborhood weekly farmers’ market was a great way to launch the two day break… I rediscover the subtle pleasure of buying and reading a Financial Times on THE SAME DAY! Last Financial Times I read were 8 weeks old by the time I got them

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