Salsa, merengue and bachata

Seeing as I now live in a Latin culture, makes sense to me to take advantage and get the hips movin, so I am taking salsa, merenge and bachata classes across the road at the gym/yoga center. I used to stand by the door wistuflly watching people dance as I came out of my yoga class, which ends after the dance class starts. Then one day the teacher grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in to the class. Somehow, in his arms, I felt like I could dance and a monster was created. How long would it take me to learn these hip gyrations, I wanted to know? “With ME as your teacher”, he replied, “one month”. With another teacher, six months. He is a good teacher, apparently “famoso” for his classes in Nicaragua . And on the plus side, he doesnt speak English. So I get a two for one. Spanish lessons and salsa at the same time!

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