Back home in Nicaragua.










It’s good to be back home in Nicaragua . Yes, its hot and humid, and the rainy season started early, which is nice.

The garden is more jungle like than ever…Calallas (passion fruit) and mangos are the current local fruits very much in season and therefore abundant and juicy. A few neighbors and other locals have kindly brought me gifts of mangos and huge avocados from their own trees.

There is one man, (whose kids I helped for school) who routinely fills up a backpack with whatever type of fruit he has in his garden and brings it to me as a ‘regalo’ (gift). My next door neighbor told me that while I was gone ‘algo falta’ (something was missing).






As we head to the beach the day after my return, the countryside is clearly greener than when I left (thanks to impact of the early rains) and there are visible infrastructure improvements – such as this bridge over one of the rivers (which fills up during the rainy season) on the way to Maderas/Majagual beaches. Funding came from a combination of the city and donations by individuals, most of whom own hotels that require crossing the bridge to get to.

It is the kind of river (sans bridge), that during the rainy season, you hit the gas, hold your breath and hope the car makes it through without getting stuck.

All part of the adventure, but from a practical point of view these updates are surely appreciated.

There is also a new bridge being built South of San Del Sur on the road to Ostional. The roads have all been smoothed out and its a significantly improved and easier ride.

We spend the night at Mango Rosa – a place not far from the beaches, with individual private
cottages and a central place for breakfast…
Our favorite fresh fish taco stand, is now a “real” restaurant. Formerly a coke canopy and a few plastic chairs, it now has a proper roof and has been upgraded. This is hands down the best seafood lunch around… delicious, fresh and inexpensive.
  As for our own improvements, we now have a small shelter for shade on our own beach below the property.

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