Bafana Bafana

The 2010 World Cup gets underway and Bafana enthusiasm reaches Nicaragua. OK, so maybe the Bafana frenzy is limited to ONE South African here, but hey, it’s the one that counts.

Peta is in Bafana colors and so is Dwayne.
We joined a mostly US (small) crowd at a restaurant on Granada’s main drag, Calle Calzada. There was one lone Brit surrounded by pumped up 20-something US Peace Corps volunteers. Not a good set up for him when the UK goalie let the ball dribble in to reach a 1:1 score.
Two of our four boys, Oren and Adam, are in Johannesburg for the World Cup, with their South African family, and with their Dad being a former professional soccer player, it will be an experience of a life time for them. While their upbringing was in the U.S., the South African blood runs thick and there is a great deal of excitement about South Africa’s hosting of the first World Cup on the African continent.
Here in Granada, we are rooting for any of the African teams and we woke up to a first win by an African team, Ghana! The theme of our living one day in Africa keeps coming up, so who knows, perhaps one day CO2 Bambu will have an Africa dimension!

Peta has her Bafana war paint back on and ready for the next game!
Granada’s Central Park invested in some World Cup event as well, with large screen, blasting speakers and dancing girls…

Update: Bafana fever reaches Calle Corales – and Peta decides to fly the South African colors in the neighborhood.

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