Murals – Peta grants Ben a painting wish

The good thing about having an artist as a girlfriend is that one occasionally gets free wishes. So for our first year in Nicaragua, July 4th, Peta granted me one such wish. I cheated and asked for a two part painting gift.

Part one: I opted for an internal mural that would augment our internal garden. I wanted the garden to splash onto the walls.

Wave a few cans of primary colors, a few paint brushes, good Brazilian music in the background and… voila.

Part two was about putting a visual on the wall of our house, a visual we would enjoy seeing every day. Something big. Something bold. We called upon a local artist Jairo Sandino who is known for his naive painting style and recent murals on behalf of environmental causes, to work on this while Peta works on the internal mural. There is a history of murals in Nicaragua, predominantly in Leon, where murals are scattered around the city, depicting the history of the country and scenes from the civil war.
First, a quick peak at Jairo’s work on one of Granada’s bridge murals to promote recycling and clean water.
This is our homage to Paul Klee.

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