The “true” Survivor challenge today is in Haiti, not Nicaragua








It is sometimes hard to reconcile western appetite for entertainment and for “reality shows”, with “real reality”. So as we ponder with anticipation the unfolding of a “Survivor” show based in Nicaragua, it is patently clear that the carefully produced “reality show” pales in comparison to the real “survivor” challenge that is taking place in Haiti.

The hurricane season is upon us and our friends and colleagues in Haiti report that scores of Haitians huddled under plastic tarps and tents are ill prepared to weather the coming storms. The clock is ticking and still no indication of any real progress being made toward the reconstruction of Haiti. Still not one single large reconstruction contract has been let.
The initial surge of compassion demonstrated during donor conferences has not yet translated into actionable contracts. The U.S.’s $2Billion reconstruction effort is still stuck in Congress, going though its mark up process. International reconstruction companies are chomping at the bit, each with multi-million investments made to “hit the ground running”, but there is no such running going on. It is more like running through molasses.

For our part, CO2 Bambu received its first strategic contract to deliver a handful of demonstration ecological bamboo houses and shelters in Haiti, from the World Lutheran Federation. With this contract in hand, we can now set into motion the next phase of our challenge, namely to bring together a team of construction specialists who will take our bamboo-housing kits and erect them in the field.
We are enormously grateful for the World Lutheran Federation’s decision to demonstrate that reconstruction can be ecologically sound. Once reconstruction starts in earnest, we should be in a better position to show NGOs our attractive, competitively priced and ecologically sound bamboo housing solutions.
Until reconstruction starts in a meaningful way, the true “survivors” are the people of Haiti. There is no camera crew tracking each family’s daily challenges. No audience gasping at the survivors’ willingness to eat exotic foods — in their case, the quest for food is just that, it’s a quest for nutritional survival. And the conditions in terms of basic hygiene and access to medicine remain totally sub-standard.
Yet audiences of the popular US TV program “Survivor” will gravitate to the screen and enjoy the travails of attractive, well groomed contestants with sex appeal — they will marvel at the ability of these contestants to “survive” in harsh conditions. But how “harsh”, really?

4 thoughts on “The “true” Survivor challenge today is in Haiti, not Nicaragua

  1. ashkelon

    Very true.
    Good luck with the houses. They look very good. I want one. How much to ship to Israel ?
    Is it a flat-pack? Does it come with instructions 🙂

  2. Jacqueline

    How tragic for Haiti.. Can’t the community unite around a leader to rebuild even without a functioning government???
    Nevertheless Congratulations on your first order…Many many more to come.

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