Medellin of Flowers, Food and Females…

1. F for Flowers…..
For 53 years, the people of Medellin have gathered to celebrate their flower industry. This takes the form of a seven day flower festival which culminates today in a three hour procession through the city. The whole city, or certainly so it seems.. gears up to line the route which is the expected parade path for the famed “silleteros”. The silleteros are men and women who traditionally carry a wooden structure on their backs which is a platform for their floral creative efforts.
2. F for Food…..
We are talking serious street food here. Street food has been for years our absolute favorite gastronomic experience! Whether in Morocco, India or Mexico we are always on the lookout for this fresh, authentic reflection of the culture. Street food allows one to take a “tapas” approach, sampling a bit here and there based on what crosses your path. Here in Medellin, we happily find an impressive range of options. Here was our sampling for today:

– Brazilian style barillas where the street side chef takes you through a seven taste journey. It’s all about meat– a rare diversion from a vegetarian diet for Peta, although all dietary considerations go out the window when we travel.

-Freshly made soft little roasted potatoes and thinly sliced potato chips fried lightly and quickly in front of us. Add some lime and salt and that is a treat that can’t be beat!

-Guanabana juice made from the porcupine looking large green fruit (twice the size of pineapple), which has a fleshy white very sweet interior around large black pits. We had this fruit in Ecuador last year too.

-Yummy wrap of the thinnest crepe filled with a creamy concotion of chicken, succulent mushrooms and corn.
3. F for Females
Maybe it will get old after two weeks, but right now, the ratio of hot babes is higher than anywhere else we been in the world. It is kind of ridiculous! Of course Colombia is the Latin American center for plastic surgery and it is not only culturally accepted it is also rampant.

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