Roll Call for blog readers, please

Hi all – we’d like to get a sense of what our active readership is… Would you please help with this?

Whether you are registered or not as a “follower”, it would be helpful to us if you would just write in the comments below “yes I’m following” (or anything else you’d like).
If you are NOT a follower and are inclined to keep up with the green global trek blog, we’d love you to subscribe as a follower… (at bottom of blog page, where it says “subscribe: posts (atom)”)
We’ll be deleting this blog entry in a few days once we get a sense of who / how many people are reading…
Ben & Peta

14 thoughts on “Roll Call for blog readers, please

  1. Peta Kaplan-Sandzer and Ben Sandzer-Bell

    Irvin – Sorry to report that the “Tiburones” did not do well this year. So they are out. On the other hand, there appears to be a new team, the “Orientales” made up of 50% Grenadinos, and 50% “foreigners” (Venezuela, Honduras etc…) that is starting up. Did you live in Granada? Where are you now?

  2. Irvin Madsen

    Peta and Ben,
    Too bad the Tiburones didn’t do so well this year. I will have to look up information on the “Orientales”. No I haven’t lived in Grenada but I would like to someday. Maybe in Catarina or Laguna de Apoya. My wife and I have vacationed in Nicaragua.
    My wife works with Peta’s friend (at the hospital in Cincinnati). I really enjoy the blog. I have been reading about your travels from way back in the days when you were in Peru.

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