The impact of positive thinking…

I have been saying for a while now, “We really need a vegetarian restaurant in Granada.” Nicaraguans typically eat a lot of meat and chicken with their gallo pinto. They also eat maduro which is a sweet banana cooked in a variety of yummy ways and also freshly sliced cabbage. That however is about the extent of their primary involvement with vegetables or greens.

I have known that if I keep thinking it, saying it, wishing it, it will happen. Much in the same way as we got a yoga studio and massage across the road from us. Everytime I meet someone that enjoys cooking who is either visiting or working here I suggest to them the idea of making vegetarian food as there is such a strong need for it and many people I believe, would support and make this a worthwhile endeavor. I tried my luck with good cooks (Nayeli ex masseuse at PURE), better cooks (Jens ex yoga teacher at PURE) and French cooks (Sophie Parisian native on a visit here) but to no avail.
Along comes Grace. I communicated with Grace via email before meeting her, because she was the brave soul who stayed in our house with five kittens, three cats, two dogs, while we were in Colombia for two weeks. She had never lived with animals before but clearly stated that she is very fond of them and would be up for the task. And so she was. Aside from being an animal lover, Grace is also a yoga teacher, trainer and nutritionalist. A week or so after our return from Colombia she and I were talking food. Good food, healthy food, vegetarian food, raw food. She told me she loves cooking. I run my vegetarian food line by her, telling her that it would be a great idea if PURE, where she is living now and working, had a vegetarian night once a week. You are right she said, that IS a good idea. I like it. And so, last week after yoga, for seven bucks a person we were treated to a meal that was healthy, yummy and varied.
First vegetarian night at PURE offered: Lentil and flaxseed patties, compose your own salad with balsamic basil dressing and split pea avocado salsa. First week, six happy customers later and vegetarian night is off to a good start! Look for pictures end of this week….. after our second installment.

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