CO2 Bambu Rosita… the race is on!

The race is on to build CO2Bambu’s factory in Rosita so that we can meet customer requirements for November and December deliveries.

Here, first foundation holes…

First immunization tank completed

Already using the tanks to immunize pillars that will be used to build the factory.

The septic tank will be used for saline water that is used in the bamboo cleaning process.

In less than ten days the structure is going up to build our warehouse —

The growing team under Julio’s direction is comprised of workers from Granada who learned their skills working on the bamboo studio, workers from Julios hometown in RAAS where we will be selling houses in the future, and indigenous community workers from Rosita area.
Ours is not just an industrial challenge. We also need to create a unique culture so that over the life of this first contract we break the “us versus them” – insider/outsider attitudes that are pervasive in the area. I have full confidence that our 26 yr old technical leader (Julio) is up to the task.

The team is introducing innovative solutions. They were unable to find metal scaffolding in the area… so they built scaffolds in bamboo (see pic below.)

The vertical pillars here are the first step toward building our future all bamboo offices inside the industrial complex.
Next steps:
1) Complete warehouse
2) Complete assembly area
3) Build dorms for workers who are not from the community
4) ..and most importantly four houses complete by end of November!

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