Studio de bambu.

The studio, which will be complete in about a week or so, showcases five different uses for construction with Guadua bamboo.

1. Pillars and beams for structure and support
2. Laminated bamboo: used for floor, doors and windows
3. Rustic bamboo: balcony floor and bathroom counter top
4. Esterillas: mats for panels of the walls
5. Plyboo: for the underfloor structure

Here you see the first floor looking out towards the garden with the bamboo pillars, beams and ceiling and spiral staircase to upstairs. Downstairs the bamboo pillars are left natural, treated only with oil for protection. Upstairs the pillars have been oiled and stained to demonstrate the different types of appearance bamboo can have.

This is the second floor which has two windows facing the street below and a view of Lake Nicaragua in the distance.
There is a narrow balcony the full width of the upstairs, facing Volcano Mombacho as well as a view of the top of one of the churches.

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