Launch of Top Chef Granada, our version

It’s of course always wonderful to have any of our boys come and visit the “nest”, now relocated to Granada, Nicaragua. This time, we have a double whammy, getting both Oren (Santa Cruz based) and Adam (Austin based) to visit us at the same time.

In the past, these two have been at odds about most things, food foremost amongst them. Adam is a long time foodie, who took his cooking hobby to a new level by doing an internship at a local Highland Park high end restaurant. Oren, in contrast, stems from the pizza and chicken fingers tribe of Narrow Palate eaters. But that was then, NOW we find that Oren has grown tastebuds since he moved to college in California. That is a welcome development for a family of foodies.
And so we celebrate Oren’s entry into foodie land with the launch of our own version of “Top Chef Granada”.
See the attached youtube video to see your collective yumminess.

3 thoughts on “Launch of Top Chef Granada, our version

  1. Sharon

    This makes me REALLY HUNGRY, and homesick for Granada and my wonderful friends. Who was the little black kitten skittering around in the back? Would like to see more scenes of the grocery shopping next time– very instructive.

  2. Peta Kaplan-Sandzer and Ben Sandzer-Bell

    The kitten is a new arrival, found on the streets, as usual. Feisty and ferocious, she is taking on the big cats as well as Mango. That puts us at five cats including Oren’s cat Thurgood who accompanied him here from CA on his own one way ticket!
    Episode #3 should satisfy your request for more scenes….

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