Sunday afternoon bike ride to Las Isletas

We rent bikes on the main street for $1/hour and we are all set for an afternoon at the lake. Even though it’s so close, it’s easy to let time go by and not go take advantage of this magnificent body of water. Yet whenever we go, we are reminded of the green beauty that surrounds Granada. For those of you new to the blog, 365 islets were formed in lake Nicaragua when Volcano Mombacho (seen in the pics below) erupted thousands of years ago and threw huge rocks into the lake. The islets differ in size from a 100 square meters and over one 1000 hectares. Some are inhabited by locals, mostly fisherman, others have luxurious houses and hotels. Some are uninhabited other than by monkeys or palm trees.

There is an abundant amount of birdlife and the lake is still exceptionally full. You can see the submerged trees in the pics.

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