A note of gratitude…

Gratitude to the following people who 2 years ago were instrumental in the early stages of CO2 Bambu’s start up:

*Thanks to Gib Cooper for introducing us to the bamboo world from the first day we met, and continuously since.

*Thanks to Dr. Roberto Ferrey for believing that a foreign entity could play a positive role in the development of a bamboo industry.

*Thanks to Dr. Peg Stern for her botanical knowledge of best practices in forestry management.

*Thanks to Jorge Moran in Ecuador for his enormous amount of knowledge about low cost housing which he generously shared with us.

*Thanks to Jan Van Bilsen who initiated interface with the farming community in El Cua where we started our first reforestation.

*Thanks to Ruben Rugama for launching a reforestation effort in his community.

*Thanks to all the farmers for starting the first bamboo plantations in Nicaragua.

*Thanks to Alejandro Ferdman for building our first model bamboo house with Jorge Moran, in Diriomo

.*Thanks to Francisco Borge from Prodemapsa who generously welcomed us as co-workers in his Granada factory

Ben and Peta

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