Take a stroll in our bamboo studio garden

It is still a “baby” garden, in that most of what is growing has been planted since construction in October, which is not a whole lot of time. However, with the tropical climate here and a good amount of love, effort, our own compost heap, and aged horse poop from a friend who has a horse farm, there are the first signs of something magical. Even in it’s infancy, the garden has a huge calming impact the minute anyone walks off the street, into the bamboo house and sees it, through the bamboo gates (Bens’ design)

The ground cover is starting to spread, creating a beautiful lush green carpet like effect.
Many of the mature fruit trees are in bloom. Mangoes hang in clusters like huge grapes from the large mango tree, not yet ripe, but full of promise for a few weeks time. Many of them hang over the street side of the wall and kids have been seen trying to hit the mangoes down with sticks or any other means..
The almond tree has almonds which are almost ripe, the coconut tree has coconuts that we have been cutting and drinking from regularly, bitter orange tree and jocote (small oval shaped fruit used by locals for juices and dessert) are all abundant with early green fruit.

In addition to these mature fruit trees there is a banana tree, two small avocado trees, a papaya tree and a baby pomegranate tree that I grew from seed. All these will hopefully yield fruit next year.

On left you can see the mangoes hanging down and in my hand, in the picture below,the almonds.. (you have to look a bit harder for these as they are smaller and hidden between the huge almond tree leaves).

In the vegetable garden, Oren has planted peas which are growing nicely, as is the basil, dill, mint, parsley and tomatoes. We also have two new barrels in the back, filled with soil to create additional raised vegetable beds for carrots and wheatgrass (planted so far.)

I love having a compost heap, (way at the back of the garden), as not only does it nourish the garden, but it reduces our garbage and makes use of all the fruit peels and pits from our daily fruit smoothies.

I am eagerly waiting for all the creepers planted alongside the walls, to grow.. as well as the passion fruit creeper, the bouganvillea and other flowering creepers which will grow on the bamboo poles supporting the second floor.

We have had one interested buyer, even though the property is not for sale, and numerous interested renters, even though the property is not for rent.

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  1. ashkelon

    The peel of the bitter orange is outstanding for making delicious orange marmalade, much much better than any other orange peel – look up recipe on internet!

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