Film Festival: Manifesting Telluride

One of the most interesting developments that came out of my (Peta) attending the Yoga teacher training in Nicaragua in January, was the group of people that have become good friends. One of these is Blair, who lives in LA and was entranced by the story of CO2 Bambu.. how and why it started, how things have developed both in Nicaragua and in Haiti. and the massive social, economic and ecological impact our company is having. Blair believes the story should be “out there”. Well, we agree with that concept and actually we have been making little mini films documenting progress, on a small flip video. Its hardly professional quality but it does serve the purpose of recording progress and communicating this as needed.

The decision is made to find a local film maker who hopefully will get excited about what we are doing and willing to put in the hours to make a short documentary to enter into the Telluride Mountain Film festival. The theme of this years film festival is “Awareness to Action”. Only problem is, the deadline is in a week. We find our film maker, Grace, a Nica who went to school in the US and has experience with green documentaries. She works with National Geographic and CNN and has an impressive track record of eco documentaries. Grace and her business partner Joncarlo take on the challenge. Turns out our footage is not great due to things like background noise and the obviously homemade feel. Grace and Joncarlo hop on a plane with Ben and off they go to capture footage of the houses, the nursery, the community.

Somehow miraculously Grace is able to pull it together and get our documentary entered by the deadline.. A few minutes before deadline in it goes. I believe we will be selected and the documentary of our environmental and social impact will be shown at this years Telluride festival in Colorado, US.

Our goal for this project is to leverage the visual media, working with a Nicaraguan film maker,to start a process of documenting in a professional way, our adventure. Our business activites touch on so many pertinent social impact themes that we are aiming high, hoping to catch an investor’s attention at Telluride, that will allow us to do multiple sequels: Life in the Mayagna community, women issues in an indigenous context, bamboo forestry, business start up in a nexciting but complex multi cultural context, and ultimately how the poorest people in the second poorest country in this hemisphere are coming to the rescue of the people in Haiti. (By building pre fab bamboo homes in Nicaragua, for Haitians.)

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