The Mayagna Community – “Children of the Sun” -Photographs by Grace Gonzalez

The indigenous people of Rosita are several communities and ethnic groups including the Sumo, Miskito and Mayagna, which in English translates to “Children of the Sun”. This community was hard hit four years ago by Hurricane Felix and since that time they have done their best to repair and restore their houses. Bamboo is a part of their cultural heritage and they are eager to reintroduce bamboo as a natural source for their new housing. CO2 Bambu has hired many of the locals to harvest bamboo, to work in the factory making prefabricated bamboo panels, and to work as part of the field assembly teams. Unemployment in this region is 85%. We have also hired local farmers to initiate bamboo seedling nurseries, as the start of reforestation of bamboo in the area.

Progress has been good and steady. Fifteen houses completed.. nestled against the Bosawas Nature Reserve, with a river nearby and in the shadow of the hills. The community selected the best location for their new neighborhood, named it and have selected to wait for all the houses to be completed before moving in together. The excitement is building as is the pride that they have for houses made by their community members with a material, bamboo, that was used by their forefathers.

In a few weeks we have a group of students coming from the US to live with the community and to help them to install compost toilets for the houses.

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