Lest we forget ~ some gastronomic highlights in Cuba

It is tempting to gloss over gastronomy and discuss Cuba and its political expression, or Cuba as a living museum, due to its grand architecture and unique portfolio.  But, lest our foodie friends feel shorted, we must pause and talk about Cuban food.  Or perhaps it’s not Cuban food, as much as a delicious sequence of gastronomic opportunities, along our Cuban journey.
For foodies out there wishing to get a read on what’s on the menu, control your taste buds and read on!
*  Lobster stews are omnipresent. The lobster is hacked into portions, with shell on, and soaked in a parsley or tomato sauce.

*  Fresh guavas are plentiful. This is a favorite of Peta (memories from South Africa).

*  Crocodile meat is a favorite around the southern parts of the country. First attempt was bland and chewy, second attempt was a lot more interesting, the meat being tender and juicy.

*  Something in the banana family, smaller and much sweeter than a regular banana.

*  Pulled ham sandwiches on the street, which cost just a few local pesos (5 local pesos = $.20)

*  Deep dish pizza made in saucepans, folded in a piece of brown paper, sold storefront of someone’s home

*  Cuban coffee with milk, everywhere


*  Street vendors offer churros, and flaky pastry with guayaba jam
















*  Dulce de leche fudge being sold by a woman with a large bag of these, in the market.

*  Lamb is also a big local favorite – rivals a good Moroccan tagine.

Let’s end this list with the best:  Cuba’s ubiquitous organic gardens!  We have made it our “opening move” in any town to first locate the community gardens, and then to fill up on whatever greens are available, to balance the more meat-heavy meals typically offered in Casas Particulares and restaurants.





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