Meeting Al Gore for Climate Reality Leadership Corps

CO2 Bambu was launched as a carbon-sequestering bamboo plantations project, a reaction to former Vice President Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. This “call to action” came full circle this week as Peta and Ben, co founders, became

 “foot soldiers” in Al Gore’s current grassroots movement to “spread the word” on ever clearer scientific data that demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt the toll on the earth’s climate as a result of our global carbon emissions.

As two of 1000 Climate Reality Leaders from 57 countries and 46 US States trained by Al Gore, we are now armed with the latest (scary) statistics and emotionally laden visuals of what our current Climate Reality looks like on the ground. While the issue of Climate Change remains hopelessly mired in an absurd US politicization of a set of issues that impacts us all, we are reminded of the Public Relations strategy used for several decades by deniers of the link between smoking and lung cancer. It turns out that the same PR masterminds that sought to delay passage of any regulations that would undermine the tobacco industry (i.e. showing doctors in ads denying any kind of health risks from smoking), we became aware of leaked documents generated by the oil and gas industry to “spread doubt” about Climate Change, this despite an overwhelming agreement amongst 98% of scientists that deal directly with issues of climatology and 100% of national science academies in EVERY country in the world. And yet, in the U.S., some continue to spread the false sense of “doubt” whether Climate Change is real and in any way related to the 90 Million Tons of carbon dioxide emitted daily.

As co-founders of CO2 Bambu, we are proud of our contribution of carbon sequestration with each house that CO2 Bambu builds, and renew our commitment to keep pushing for real life SOLUTIONS, even as politicians funded by a well oiled PR machine, continue to spread a message of doubt, with the sole purpose of keeping a “consume and pollute” model that provides ever higher revenues to the oil and gas industry.

 — in San Francisco, CA.