Update on Bamboo Loft, Granada

Our first “granada” (pomegranate) on a tree that Peta planted from a pomegranate seed. Not a common fruit tree in these parts.

The garden is lush.. romantic and shaded. An oasis of color!

Bamboo house resident on the spiral steps up to the loft.

Bathtub with hand selected beach stones from the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua

On the balcony which overlooks the garden and also has a view of Volcano Mombacho to the South and Lake Nicaragua to the East. Not bad!

When we started building the bamboo loft, there was NO garden other than the mature almond, mango, bitter orange and jocote trees. Now its a veritable jungle, and the bamboo loft is a tree house.

Pedro and Nestor, the gardener sifting out the compost.. Now we know, its not a good idea to put almond or mango pits or coconut shells in with the compost, as the pits take a long time to break down and need to be sifted and separated. Now there is also a bucket of earthworms added to the compost to help the process along. We have basil, oregano, dill, ginger, and cilantro growing in addition to the fruits. Looking forward to the avocado tree and the passion fruit to  bear their first fruits!

Brown gold… rich compost from six months. Enough to spread over both gardens and make  lots of plants very happy.

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