Update on my girlfriend.

Peta the urban organic gardener! Rooftop mint, basil, spinach and katuk

A first harvest of tear shaped tomatoes from our rooftop terrace garden at our casa “Hubbert’s Peak”

Peta has a green thumb! or orange thumb in this case. Tomatoes aplenty!

The decibal level in the street has surged with the coming of the weeklong festival of PURISIMA, which celebrates the Virgin Mary. Once more a reminder that in Nicaragua “anything worth doing, is worth doing louder.”

Yet another orphan springs into Peta’s path. Enter Peta the emblematic incarnation of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). At current count five permanent cats, two rooftop cats, one bandit cat who comes down the palm tree to raid the foodbowl, and this new kitten found on the street. Two dogs, same ones, Mango and Dwayne plus Princessa who adopted US and moved in with us somehow. It’s a menagerie!

So sometime over the past three years, there arose a naming pattern where some of the cats became the namesakes of a famous painters. We’ve had: PABLO (Picasso), FRIEDA 1 (Frieda Kahlo),  SALVADOR (Dali), VINCENT (Van Gogh) This new kitty, to be adopted soon, once she is healthy and fixed, is FRIEDA 2 

Mango and Peta snuggling… Mango has been in recovery mode from the same serious illness he had last year, but is doing nicely again now.

For the full moon, jumping into Laguna de Apoyo crater lake

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