Foodie Update: Couldn’t quite get out of Hanoi without one more food update

Bun Cha!  Take some fresh herbs, bean sprouts, noodles, mix it into the broth.    As common as Pho, with lots of different variations.  Unbelievably tasty!
She is grilling the pork and beef meat balls for the Bun Cha
English language newspaper, yummy treat on the way, nothing else needed at this moment…
Another great Hanoi treat – crab in the street.
For some reason, crab stalls attract mostly female customers
Vietnamese version of a hot dog, goes inside the French Baguette
Frog legs, Hanoi style  — little packages of mushrooms wrapped in thin slices of beef, and for a truly unique dish: “wrapped chicken cartilage”  – better than it sounds.

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