Hanoi street vignettes, Viet Nam

Hanoi is full of visual surprises.

Foot Massage parlors are EVERYWHERE!  At about $10 for a 60mn reflexology session, it is hard NOT to have one every day…  This building goes to more length than most to distinguish itself from the competiton, with 6′ large feet.
Monsoon season is upon us.  Water aplenty.  Out come the rain panchos in all different colors. Purple, pink, turquoise seem to be especially popular colors.
And this one takes the cake – due to the fairly high level of pollution, especially when riding a motorcycle, pushing a tuk tuk, or pedaling a bicycle, the MUST HAVE fashion item is the face mask.  Displayed here at the top – no,  these are not bras, they are face masks.  Matching one’s mask to one’s outfit, now that’s the mark of a Hanoi rider…
Street barbers are fun, but this tiny customer is a particularly cute sight
And then suddenly, we bump into “silk street”.  Look at these fantastic colors! a million options…
The silk for these scarves is just magnificent, the colors remarkably beautiful and varied.
One or two tables on the side, that’s the normal fare.  Now this restaurant is so popular, the clients line up at tables  for Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) “en masse”
Lots and lots of stuffed animals at this particular store.
If we ever buy a motorcycle in Vietnam, it will be the orange one at the left.  Cool colors!

3 thoughts on “Hanoi street vignettes, Viet Nam

  1. Peta Kaplan-Sandzer and Ben Sandzer-Bell

    Ahhh the foot massages.. had quite a few of those already. Come anytime… that will be awesome…you pick the dates, we’ll tell you what country.

    Up till now we have been staying at a lovely hotel with fantastic comfy beds and huge room, lovely staff – don’t know why, but we got a special rate of $22 for a room that is usually $60. So that was supposed to be our “soft landing” after long journey, jet landing, but at those rates and comfort we stayed over a week. Now they are booked with a group and we just moved on to a new little place… $20 a night, and very pleasant. There are TONS of options.

    More domestic life coming up soon…

  2. Anonymous

    Greetings Empty Nesters,

    That silk looks incredible!

    Pho and Foot massage… yes you are in Vietnam for sure.
    Where to next after Hanoi?
    I miss you two – 2 of the best parts of Granada who are now off adventuring through Asia – Enjoy it! Now that Ben isn’t working all week – enjoy each other and your foot massages!
    Love and Oms
    xoxoox Rasa

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