Yoga in Hanoi, Viet Nam

We do yoga and look for yoga centers in whatever city we find ourselves in.
Hanoi, Vietnam
Vinales, Cuba
Cali, Colombia

In Hanoi, it took a bit of exploration to find the perfect yoga center.  Our first try was scary.  It led us to “California Yoga”.  Imagine the largest exercise multi-plex in Chicago ~ on steroids.  Combine it with the pull of the trendiest “see and be seen” Hanoians, add wall to wall high pitch, blaring TV screens showing beautiful people, bright purple lights and about twenty sales pitch staff.

Such was the setting of our first yoga class. 100 mats laid out, all numbered, with a little lighted “stage” area for the yoga teacher. We decided to overlook this most unrelaxing of yoga settings as the teacher was Indian. Big mistake…. This teacher learnt yoga from a book and  had the pitch of a military drill sergeant.
Nonetheless, we are determined people and were ultimately rewarded by finding Zenith yoga.. a super chill laid back real yoga space. The space itself is a refurbished old home, with huge windows, and an organic café with really good smoothies and a relaxing vibe.
Our teacher, Vietnamese, turned out to have lived in Chicago for seven years and an artist who graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago. Small world indeed!

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