Experiencing the cycles of rice harvest in Central Viet Nam.

Seventy percent of the Vietnamese economy is comprised of the agricultural sector.Of this, rice is the principal crop cultivated and processed for the domestic and export market (China primarily). Yet, a crisis is brewing in Vietnam as the youth no longer want to toil in the rice fields as their parents and grandparents did.  The physical demands of the job (of growing and harvesting and bringing to market), are high. And the pay is low, so many are finding jobs in urban centers.
We have observed a few phases of the rice harvest in our neighborhood and have followed the rice value chain through to one of its end products ~ the ubiquitous rice noodle.

The formerly bright green rice paddy is now being harvested.
Once the rice plant is picked and removed, there are huge square pools of water which remain.
A rice harvester taking a rest for a moment against the huge pile of freshly harvested rice plants.
Very bright scarecrows in this field.
Workers with bags of just processed rice on the side of the road, ready for market.
Behind the blue shape, is a small processing machine for separating the rice from the chaff.
“Buddha belly….!!!” (a comment made to Ben ~ accompanied by a stomach rub or pat or slap.)
Rice paddy visitor!
Our daily ride to town is now a mobile open air factory of rice harvesting machines and people.
Sifting the rice kernels ~ the sifted through ones, fall to the ground. Lighter husks are blown away by the wind.
Rice spread out like a blanket in front of a home drying in the sun.
Laid out rice drying is everywhere and brings splashes of bright yellow country side in front of houses and on the side of the streets.
One of the by products of the rice harvest is rice noodle. The rice is boiled and made into these huge circles. Once dry, they are cut and made into noodles.
Thin viscous type of texture, still soft and wet~ish before drying.
A field of oval shapes. Surrounded by giant polka dots!


Finished product (in the middle) The rice noodle oval previously drying in the sun, is now at the market getting cut into strings of noodles.
Bundles of noodles ~ ready to be used in pho and other dishes.

2 thoughts on “Experiencing the cycles of rice harvest in Central Viet Nam.

  1. Nicole

    Thanks, enjoyed these pics from start to finish – of the process.
    Hard working people.
    I notice on facebook that there are some (many?) Americans who won’t anything grown in Vietnam due to contaminants left in the soil…

    1. GreenGlobalTrek Post author

      Glad you enjoyed. We love the fact we could witness the whole process and sequence. Vietnamese people are very hard working!
      Agent Orange is a very harsh reality and Hoi An has a high number of people who have been personally impacted by this tragic history… Still today.

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