Hanoi’s Women Museum ~ a treat! Viet Nam

Women have played an integral part in the evolving narrative of Viet Nam.  As a matriarchy, the system is built around the responsibility demonstrated by women not only in raising families, but keeping the household finances together.  In the rural areas, women are farmers who share responsibilities with male farmers to tend to all the farming chores.
The Women’s museum in Hanoi, however, focuses on the role of women during the post colonial history, during the various wars (against the French, against South Vietnam and its U.S. ally_) and generally as heroes of the “Vietnamese revolution”.
The survival spirit of ethnic Vietnamese women is a tale that is woven as intricately in the story of modern day Viet Nam as are the naturally dyed threads that comprise ethnic minority and mountain people’s beautiful outfits.
Beautiful examples of tribal ethnic clothing worn by the Hill tribes.
The clothing is intricately woven and handstitched.
This outfit incorporates woven coins as the centerpiece.
War propaganda posters.
A fun mobile centerpiece of conical hats painted in bright colors by children and attached top to bottom to create triangular shapes.
The faces of post war heroes. Many women were decorated as heroes after the war if they lost an only son or more than one son.
A traditional woven basket used by women rice farmers in the rice paddy to collect grains.
Another variation on a rice basket worn by women rice farmers.
A photo of Hill tribe women getting ready to eat a meal.
Ha ha.. this is what I would look like dressed in ethnic hill tribe clothing.

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