Jogja food markets, Indonesia.

Those who know us know that markets are a favorite destination for us.  Here are highlights of our Jogja market visits and scenes:
A spice store with old wooden boxes filled with great smells such as anise, cardamon, fennel seed.
Ben testing his olfactory skills when the vendor plays a game with him by seeing which ones he can identify by smell. (High score for the French nose!)
Betel nut chomping woman selling limes.
Trays of dried fish.
Fish drying in wrapped newspaper, covered in large grains of salt .
Barrels of fresh bright orange turmeric root.
When eggs are sold, they get put into a beautiful  bag made of woven straw.
Sweets made from coconut and rice flour.
Jogja is well known for its variety of snack foods.
Coy little girl poses for a photograph at the urging of her mom…
The local market is always a place where conversation flows easily… It’s a social place in addition to being a functional location to get one’s food for the day
Snacks with a smile 
Yummy quail eggs on a stick
Bean sprouts by the handful
But all these food stalls inevitably lead to the need to satisfy our screaming taste buds.  Here are some of our favorite street carts…
Pressed fish “cakes” inside banana leaves, on a stick on the grill. Dip in sauce. Yummy!
Fresh assorted fruits.

The very popular chicken soup with toppings on the right such as meatballs, croutons, crispy tofu.]
“Gudeg” is one of the most popular dishes in Yogyakarta.  That brown mush (which doesn’t look so appealing) is actually delicious jackfruit with coconut milk and cinnamon, palm sugar and a bit of chili, slow cooked in a clay pot until all the liquid has been absorbed by the jackfruit.
Most delicious treat of freshly grated coconut steamed in bamboo pieces with  grated palm sugar. A favorite for us.

Love that coconut steaming process and the resulting “paste” is really, really good…

Pastry tarts with a variety of toppings from chocolate to sprinkles to custard.
Fresh sesame balls and rice flour deserts.

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