Adam’s Iphone pics of central Viet Nam.

For years, our son Adam nurtured a twin passion for gastronomy and photography.  For a while, we thought he would become a professional photographer, but the pull of the kitchen proved stronger and he became a chef.  Still,  Adam has a distinctive “eye” and sense of composition in his photographs.  The following are a sampling of i-phone photographs from the first few weeks of our Vietnamese adventure together.

Hanoi street
Hoi An ~ flooded bridge
Sorting grains
Close up of buffalo fur, in front of rice paddy
Hoi An Detail from temple walls
Teal wall, Hoi An building
Edge of a boat and water
Mackerel in steamer baskets
Steaming fresh fish
Bamboo baskets for steaming fish
Baker scoring Banh Mi before putting them into oven
Balls of dough for Banh Mi (baguettes)
Thanh Ha Ceramic Village – Clay bowls drying in sun
Hoi An facade
Boats in Thanh Ha
Beer with seafood lunch
Sea snails
Roasted pork
Cau Lau
Bahn Can (crispy)
Tofu stuffed with pork
Chilis and lemongrass with snails
The king of all Banh Mi
Ingredients for Bun Bo Nam Bo
Crispy pork
Perfect bite of large sea snail with mint, picked banana stem
Hoi An beach at An Bang
Tomato farmer at market
Egg farmer at market
Reflection of farmer in tub of jelly fish
Drying fish cakes
Pulling taffy-like candy
Taffy man
Worker at shipyard
Old wooden boat at shipyard
Boy wetting his water buffalo
Central Viet Nam – quiet cemetary
Washing road sign
Rice harvest in Central Highlands
You can follow Adam’s on going photos of his travels on twitter: @ajphpajp

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