Wat Phra Keo ~ Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Phra Keo has some of the most stunning architecture in South East Asia. The emerald Buddha Wat Phra Keo is the holiest of all Thai wats. The small green jade statue of the Buddha, high on its golden altar in the chapel royal, is the most sacred image in Thailand.
The Royal pantheon is surrounded by “kinaree” (male) and “kinara” (female) half human figures.
Peta and kinara figure guarding the temple.
Huge figures guard the front of the temple.
It is hard to capture the magnificence and splendor of this jewel encrusted temple shimmering with glass mosaic and gold leaf. It is absolutely stunning!
Hundreds of gold figurines of half man, half bird line the lower part of the temple walls. Above them, translucent colored glass and mirrors shimmer like jewels, covering every single surface area of the temples.
Detail of the bright blues, oranges and gold of the temple walls.
The late Ayuttayah style murals on the surrounding walls of galleries, depict the lives of Buddha and scenes of the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Indian Ramayana. These murals are a wonderful storytelling of the times, painted in  earthy background tones for the landscape. The figures are a golden addition, contrasting strongly with the muted landscapes. There are literally hundreds of scenes, all of them very beautiful. We have selected a few of our favorites for the blog.
The murals which go on and on in storytelling of the Ramakien (Thai version of Indian Ramayama.)
A golden figure painted alongside a graceful water buffalo.
This scene gives a really good overall view of the stunning architecture and multiple winged roofs and spires.
A black and gold ogre creates a bridge crossing over the river for the royal chariots.
Sea creatures and mermaids grace the river.
A white ogre’s tail creates a bridge over the river for half man, half monkey figures.
Temple with reclining figures in gold, set in the landscape of trees and the river.
Huge gold chedi in all its splendor.
You can see the small diamonds of golden mosaic which make us this totally gold surface of the chedi.
A section of the complex of Wat Phra Kao.
A plain stone Buddha contrasts with the brightly jewelled walls of the temple, which shimmer in the sunlight.
Gorgeous large painting of monkey/man dancer.
Smaller versions of kinara and kinaree, half human figures, lining the base of a golden chedi.
Detail of highly jeweled walls of temple.

After the glory of Wat Phra Keo (on the grounds of the Grand Palace), we go the next day across the river to  Wat Ra Krang, a small and humble temple in comparison with all the grandeur just across the river! We arrive just in time for the chanting of the monks.

Wat Ra Kang across the river from the Grand Palace grounds.

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