On the road in rural, Southern Sri Lanka.

Traveling through the countryside by tuk tuk is easy and our preferred mode of transport as it allows for frequent stops, as opportunities come our way.

Some photos along the road from Hambantota on the coast, inland to Udawalawe National Park.

A woman in a bright orange sari stands outside the small local post office.
Children in school uniform waiting for their buses to go home at the end of the school day.
Along the road outside temples, large and small, are shrines where people can offer thanks, or say a quick prayer before going on their way.
Huge Buddha sculpture on the side of the road.
King coconuts, filled with copious amounts of coconut water.
Small furry coconuts.
Bags of spices and grains for sale alongside the road.
Buffalo farmer watching his flock.  And Buffalo on the road mean…
Buffallo curd with palm treacle, of course… Sold in large clay bowls, covered with newspaper.
Take the time to read these words about animal rights – dated: 250 B.C.!!
Painting of Buddha’s disciples inside a small shrine.
Sacred trees are protected and encircled by small shrines, in the small towns we pass through.
Water buffalo up close and personal.

An open air market near a country temple, gets its first foreign visitors. (Very apparent by people’s reaction to us.. ranging from surprise, to much laughter!)

Squash for sale by the bag.

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