Zichron Yakov, Israel ~ Of art, ancient ruins and friends

Before we arrive in Israel I get a warm email from Sally inviting us to visit and spend time with her and her husband Yossi, in Zichron Ya’akov. Sally is a very close friend of my sister Dina (from Dina’s early days of living in Jerualem.) Years ago on a trip to Israel with Josh when he was 2 years old, we went with Dina to visit Sally. Dina has also told Ben and I many times “you guys would just love Sally and Yossi!’. And very right she was/is.
Sally and Yossi live an easy train ride away from Tel Aviv on Israel’s super comfy, modern trains.  Zimbabwan by birth, also an artist, Sally lived for years in the Negev desert ~ she had dreamt to, one day, relocate near the sea.  They searched for the “perfect” location and she and Yossi found it in Zichron Yakov, a charming “village” that has beautiful architecture and, most importantly, an unbeatable view and easy access to the sea…
Enter past the front door and get engulfed in an art-filled, warm universe…
With Yossi and Sally ~ in Yossi’s studio. (Geologist by profession, he also paints every day.)
The living room is filled with the color and texture of Sally Bar’s paintings. There are also paintings done by her daughter and Yossi covering most open spaces of the walls.
Collection of stones and crystals.
Collection of gorgeous handmade colorful ceramics on open shelves in the turquoise kitchen.
Every plate, bowl and cup is handmade by friends and/or family. These red bowls are Ben’s favorites.
Sharing photos and a rainy day inside with Yossi and Sally in front of the fire.
Yossi’s studio reflects his passion for color and life, as does Sally’s.
~ Yossi in his studio ~
Sitting outside for a few moments before the rain and winds.
Sally’s mosaic table creation illuminates the outside patio and garden.
Tile mosaic on wall done by both their daughters when young.
Cosy outdoor areas all tempt one to sit and gaze at the garden and the view or just “be”.
One of my favorite (very large) paintings of Sally’s.
Ancient stone building and architecture in the town of Zichron Yaakov.
The local spot for hummus. Stopping by to pick up lunch.
Walking on “Dina’s beach'”, along the front of the moshav below Zichron Yaakov.
Sand in the making. A tapestry of shells.
Beautiful ancient ruins of the port that was next to King Richard Lion Heart’s fort.
The shallow area was the loading docks of the ancient port.
Perfect beach spot!
Ancient ruins at “Ramat Hanadiv”
A few walls of the fort remain today.
The region was once a center for dying fabric ~  ancient sea-side “pools” to dye materials with natural plant and rock-based colouring.
Enjoying the beauty of the view and the company.
Paddle boarders float by… watching the sunset from their boards.
End to a second lovely day in Zichron Yaakov w Sally and Yossi!


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