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We are nomadic empty nesters on a Green Global Trek. Peta was born in South Africa and Ben was born in France. After twenty plus years living in the U.S., when our four sons finished high school and left home for college, we quit our jobs, sold most of our possessions and launched our Green Global Trek adventure. Peta is a painter, yogini and animal activist. Ben is a strategist, personal and corporate “trajectory consultant” and sculptor. We are both committed environmentalists and increasingly focused on discovering solutions and advocating for climate adaptation.

First chapter of our Green Global Trek = Latin America: We relocated to Nicaragua in Central America to kickstart a large-scale, climate-mitigation focused, bamboo reforestation project and bamboo housing construction business. Our objective was to have positive social and environmental impact. Between 2008 and 2013 we built up a team of Nicaraguan bamboo foresters and civil engineers, built the largest bamboo-processing factory in Central America, captured programs for eco-housing funded by international institutions for the benefit of victims of Hurricanes. All in all, we built over 150 houses and created green construction jobs for 200 local construction workers. Our Empty Nester objective was to create the conditions for our four sons to have a Latin American experience. From a travel point of view, our bamboo business enabled us to travel to and discover Latin America, through the prism of bamboo forestry. We traveled and worked with Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Second chapter of our Green Global Trek = Asia: After transferring bamboo construction assets to our local team in 2013, we bought one way tickets to Viet Nam. Our objective was to explore Asia, work in the climate adaptation space through consultancy projects, and at the same time select a next potential home base. We lived sequentially, nomadically, in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, and India.  Currently back in Chicago for work, getting ready to bounce back to Asia in the coming months to continue our GGT in Asia.


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