Guest entry #2 from Maya…

“A little summary of the stay and a few observations upon arrival.” 2:34 AM

Almost a week has passed since I left beautiful Nicaragua. The memories of the stay are still so clear and vivid in my mind and I would hope for them to stay that way for many years to come.
My trip has been an extremely enlightening one in many ways and it was a true learning experience to visit a country so different than the bustling City that New York is.
I was curious to see what contrasts would hit me upon my arrival from Nicaragua. Firstly, so many of the people I passed in the street of New York were frowning and seemed unhappy… I’m not saying that Nicaragua is heaven on Earth and the happiest place to be, but it seems like Nicaraguans lead a less stressful life and one that focuses on strong relationships, in the family and among friends- something that keeps them grounded and happier in a way. Also, patience is yet another difference that comes to mind- it was so often that in Nicaragua I would spot people who had been waiting patiently along the road for some kind of transport to take them to their home town, or people who would stand in line at a store, bank or post office not complaining one bit. True- Nicaraguans don’t have five meetings to run to or ten errands to run in an hour, but their patience is definitely something to take note of. Hospitality and warmth are additional Nicaraguan qualities that will definitely be remembered.
I have met a group of fantastic people in Nicaragua, including my unforgettable hosts- Ben and Peta, who have opened my eyes to many new ways of living and ways of making yourself happy. The trip has helped me discovered a new side of myself- a deeper, more passionate (and compassionate) person who now is even more convinced that the lifestyle that I began living prior to my visit is one worth leading- being a vegan, caring for animals, strongly taking into consideration ecology in all of my actions and traveling to discover the beauty that the world has to offer.

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